Surviving Storm Stress: We know bad weather can bring bad things. We usually prepare ahead of time, when possible, by keeping a watchful eye on tracking dangerous weather patterns that may form in our part of the world. Some people stock up on resources to get through the storm, such as flashlight batteries, bottled water, first aid kits or other essential survival supplies, while others just do the best they can to get through it. We usually know what to do to survive the physical challenges of the storm however most people don’t know how to deal with the devastating emotional pressures that come after a killer storm.

bg3 Stages of Storm Stress: Disaster, Recovery & Rebuilding Phases

House Wall Under ConstructionStorm Stress Syndrome: A natural disaster creates tremendous emotional distress for everyone experiencing it. Here are the normal signs and symptoms after a life-threatening storm to consider in assessing how you may have been affected negatively. The more indicators that show up in a single category or in multiple categories, the more you may be experiencing’ Storm Stress Syndrome’ which is a common emotional condition after a major disaster.

Stressed Man10 Things to Know in a Crisis: Life is harder than ever it seems, yet not everyone seems to be completely overwhelmed because of it. Why do some people face major life transitions like financial stress, death, divorce, health problems, job loss, or business problems with a hopeful attitude of rebuilding and recovery while others just want to hide in fear? Everyone will face times of major life crisis, but not everyone will know how to respond to move beyond the challenge today to build confidence tomorrow. Here are ten things about crisis that will help guide you through the process of managing stressful situations to come out stronger on the other side.

j0405644[1]PTSD signs/symptoms: The person has experienced an event that is outside the range of usual human experience and that would be markedly distressing to almost anyone, (e.g., serious threat to one’s life or physical integrity; serious threat or harm to one’s children, spouse, or other close relatives and friends; sudden destruction of one’s home or community; or seeing another person who has recently been, or is being, seriously injured or killed as the result of an accident or physical violence).